Our New AMPed Custom WordPress Theme is Setting Records

As you know, performance is a major factor that I geek out on.

The latest build that I launched yesterday RainKeepers (using a custom theme I’ve been designing for the past 6 months) scored the most impressive performance marks I’ve EVER SEEN (on any of my sites or otherwise across the web).

I could hardly believe it, so I tested my own site with these same tools because I had recently converted my site to use the same theme but hadn’t tested it, so I wanted to know if it was a fluke. Same. Exact. Scores.

Wait. What?

I still couldn’t believe it so I tested a site I built with an older version of this theme in November of last year (The Barnabas Connection)

  1. point. difference.

I simply can’t wrap my head around how amazingly fast and performant my theme is!!

Thank you @isitfastorslow for such an amazing tool.

sorryforbragging #sorrynotsorry #amp4thewin #needawebdeveloper ?? 🙂








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