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Now ACCEPTING ETH (ethereum) and BTC (bitcoin)!!!

We may be a bit late in making this decision, but don’t hold that against us, we had lots of big decisions to make recently and this was just one of them!

Due to the fluctuating nature as regards the value of ETH and BTC, our pricing is also variable. If you’d like to get a solid price-point for either, please contact us directly.

Services We’d Love to Provide Your Business

Website Design

Built using the WordPress CMS, and a judicious handful of the world’s most powerful plugins available, we will build you one of the most performant websites in the world.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Online Advertising: Google Ads & Bing Ads ~ There is no quicker way to be seen than through a targeted ad campaign!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All new web designs are fully SEO optimized from the ground up. Need to get found, Austintatious Design will make sure the major search engines know you are there!

Automated Marketing System (AMS)

Powerful. Affordable. For Everyone. Learn what sales and marketing automation can do for you.

Learn More ~ AMS

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads ~ Relationship Marketing that is: Real, Human, and Personal without the time-sap. #SocialMediaMarketing

Content Writing: Copywriting, Editing, & Blogging

There is truly no better way to achieve search engine results than with fantastic, original material #contentisKing

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Design

Built using only valid AMP code as defined by Google, these mobile pages load faster than the click of a button. Wanna over take your competition? This is literally the fastest way.

Graphic Design: Logo, Brand, Icons & Print

Starting up or re-branding? Let one of our pros help you discover your truth from within!

while our bread and butter is working with SMBs, we also love ❤️️ partnering with nonprofits:


At Austintatious Design, we believe in serving our community. As such, we dedicate on average, one full day a week to consulting for, working with and volunteering at both local and international nonprofits whose messages resonate with our team.

As such, your company indirectly helps us provide these nonprofits with free (or sometimes heavily reduced) services and hosting by paying our salaries.

If you would like YOUR nonprofit to be considered for partnering with Austintatious Design, please kindly contact us and tell us about your organization.

Current nonprofits we partner with include:

Survival International

Two Native Girls wearing customary jewelry, smiling at each other. 
Survival International helps their people.

We fight for tribal peoples’ survival. We stop loggers, miners, and oil companies from destroying tribal lands, lives and livelihoods across the globe

We partner with Survival International by providing digital marketing and SEM/SMM strategy & consulting.

The Barnabas Connection

Screenshot of the Barnabas Connection website that Austintatious Design built.

The Barnabas Connection provides health and human services, client advocacy, and community education. Your donation helps to make this possible.

We partner with The Barnabas Connection by providing web design, web development, digital marketing and SEM/SMM strategy & consulting.

Central Texas Theatre Academy

central texas theatre academy screenshot min

As the former Artistic Director of the EmilyAnn Theatre, Bridget Gates and her team of teachers, students,  and actors believe it’s essential to continue offering theatre education to the community and children of Wimberley and Central Texas. 

We partner with Central Texas Theatre Academy by providing web design, web development, digital marketing and SEM/SMM strategy & consulting.

Friends of Wimberley Valley Library

We partner with the Friends of the Wimberley Village Library by providing web design, web development, digital marketing and SEM/SMM strategy & consulting.

Wimberley Friends of Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual, and Transgender

wflag screenshot

WFLAG is Wimberley’s very own family and ally organization for the LGBTQ community. With a desire to unite people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer with families, friends, and supportive businesses, WFLAG aims to strengthen community ties between all in Wimberley and the surrounding areas.

We partner with WFLAG by providing web design, web development, digital marketing and SEM/SMM strategy & consulting.

Pushing Limbits

Screenshot of Pushing Limbits website that was built by Austintatious Design.

We also provide financial aid for those who can’t afford driver training, to fit their disabilities, wheelchairs etc.

We partner with Pushing Limbits by providing web design, web development, digital marketing and SEM/SMM strategy & consulting.

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here’s what several of our clients have to say:

here’s what our clients have to say:

Daniel with Austintatious Design was essential in establishing our business. He was accessible, knowledgeable, & effective. We have received many compliments on our website design and Daniel made it easy for us to access and update it as needed. He established our social media reach and helped strengthen our connection to the community. We are very satisfied with all services and see results daily.
Blake McLean
Owner @ Hill Country Land Improvement
 Austintatious Design has been working on my business SEO to make it climb up the Google ranks and be more visible online. This is something that I don’t know much about and need help with. I have already seen results that I thought would take longer to see, and am very pleased with the progress and exposure I am receiving. It must be because Daniel knows what he is doing, talking about, and implementing. You can tell this is a passion for him as he is always researching and staying on the cutting edge of his market. #seo #webdesign #DigitalMarketing
Paul Miller
Owner @ Stellar Ice
Daniel at Austintatious Design was an absolute lifesaver. Due to an unforeseen issue I needed to change my business name on my website and across all my social media channels. The change also required detailed changes to my content. No easy task. Daniel and I sat down for a strategy meeting, we put an action plan together and he went to work. Within 24 hours (I’m not sure when Daniel sleeps) all the changes were made AND we were under budget! WOW, I was blown away. Based on this experience I plan on having Daniel and Austintatious Design do some graphic, SEO and social media work for me. I highly recommend Austintatious Design!
E. J. Josephson
Owner @ Road And Track Specialists
Representing a small, independent school, I commend Daniel with Austintatious Design for really going the extra mile in quickly learning about our market, taking the time (& patience) to educate us on the ins & outs of digital marketing, and ultimately helping us build a well-rounded plan to boost our SEO–and improve our overall digital marketing strategy–all while keeping our budget and time constraints in check. Thanks Daniel, we are very excited about where we will go from here!
Lydia Brasher
BOD @ St. Stephen’s Episcopal School
Daniel at Austintatious Design has proved to be an amazing asset to my company. His web design has garnered many compliments by my consumers as well as other designers. I appreciate his ability to think outside of the box and produce something that really stands out. He has an unbelievable amount of patience which is evident in working with me and my lack of graphic design and SEO knowledge. Not only is he patient and willing to work, the rough drafts of the design for my logo, branding, and sample packets were so stellar I had a difficult time choosing which option to accept! Daniel keeps ME on my toes and stays a step ahead of my demands and requirements with idea generation and direction. I’ll second the statement about not knowing when Daniel sleeps as he seems to work hard and around the clock! You can’t go wrong with Austintatious Design.
Allison Franklin
Owner @ INK SOLV 30
Daniel, owner of Austintatious Design was incredibly easy to work with and went out of his way to make sure we were not only happy with, but were part of planning all aspects of our design. As a non-profit in a small community, recreating our webpage was critical to our viability, especially during the current times. From the moment I contacted Daniel he was EXTREMLEY responsive, answering ALL questions I had, in depth. Daniel went to great lengths to make sure our board was informed about exactly what to expect. Once we started to design our website Daniel and I worked together one on one to create a website that was even BEYOND our expectations. He was SO responsive when making updates to our plans. It was incredibly nice to be able to pick up the phone and call someone local and almost always have an immediate and always friendly response. Our new website hits ALL the marks that were important for us. The design is not only beautiful but functional and informative, and will be a place for our donors and clients to access all needed information and resources. It has incredibly fast speed, is mobile first, uses AMP, links to our social media and donation portals. These are just a FEW of the features that make our new site so wonderful. We could not be more pleased.
Kate Sowell
Executive Director @ The Barnabas Connection

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