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Instead of ‘mobile-first’ we like to think of ourselves as being ‘SEO-first’!
Arguably the most overlooked aspect of building a successful web presence, we here at Austintatious Design take great pains to incorporate current ‘whitehat’ SEO approaches (legal in respects to Google et al.) into the website build from the onset.

SEO is theory based and often changes (Google doesn’t like sharing with us cuz they think we’d rig it! Pshaw… as if!). As Google modifies, revamps, or completely changes its ranking algorythms, so too must we review and when necessary update the website to stay on top of the game.

During the website development phase, we will advise you on current best-practice tips and tricks, but if you already have a website, or believe your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are slipping, we will take a thorough and considered approach to improving/overhauling your website to achieve the best results possible! Still, whitehat SEO is a slow and steady race. You should not expect results within the first 3 to 6 months!

However, let us be clear from the get-go, because SEO is theory based, there can be no guarantees that we will get you to the #1 spot on the first page. If you find someone who can guarantee #1 results, after you hire them, please pass their information on to us, so we can hire them too!

Austintatious Design Co. has been helping websites improve their SERPs for years and will MOST DEFINITELY get your website close (if not all the way up) to the top!

First thing’s first, make sure you have a relevant, keyword rich, domain name for your company. In the SEO world, we call this ‘Domain Bias’. In short, regardless of whether or not your actual SEO results are improved from the domain name, potential clients are MUCH more likely to click your website in the search result than a competitors IF your domain name pertains exactly to the service or product (and/or location) you offer.

For more on the subject, check out what Search Engine Land has to say about in a recent blog on Domain Bias.

Have some ideas about domain names but don’t know if they are available, Lone Star Web Hosting Services has some of the best prices available for domain name registration (even better than the Google giants).

Hop over to their site to see if your dream name is free for the taking!

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