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We are the proverbial one-stop-shop for all things web related. Originally trained as hand-coders — some of us in the days of telnet (the precursor to the internet as we know it), we pride ourselves on our NON-reliance on WYSIWIGs (What You See Is What You Get). If you can dream it, we can build it!

Head-quartered in the small village of Wimberley 30 miles south of Austin and 40 miles north of San Antonio, Texas, we get to visit the big city without having to deal with the daily nightmare they call traffic!

Because no two projects are the same, we shy away from using templated designs. Even those that we have built in house. Rather, we prefer to assess the needs, wishes, desires and vision that each individual client has to inform a specially tailored product for each project. Although the benefits to this method mean ever project is tailor made for that undertaking, there are also negatives: the build time is substantially greater – for a general website build, we take between 40 and 150 hours to design and build! The knock on effect is that hand-coded bespoke websites like those that we create are far more expensive than buying a simple WordPress template and making it work whether you like it or not!

As for SEO and all things digital marketing, we ONLY do ‘white-hat’ marketing. We refuse to try to game the system. Not only are Google’s algorythms notoriously punative if you should get caught, it just doesn’t work in the long-term. The benefit is that all of our designs have SEO in mind and are built using the SEO First approach, but again, the negatives of our white-hat marketing strategies are that they are often not felt for 4 to 6 months which can make some clients rather anxious and nervous wondering if the money was well spent. The answer is always … yes!

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