Accelerated Mobile Pages are FAST! Who Knew?

We all know that page speed is a major factor in high-performing websites, and AMP does not disappoint.

When researching potential client/lead websites to determine what, if anything, needs optimizing, updating or, as is often the case, rebuilding entirely, I use a handful of tools:

Google’s Lighthouse

This is a Chrome Browser Developer Tool that can be accessed by ‘Inspect[ing] Element’ from within the browser.
The tool tests:

  • Site Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • SEO

This is a full-scale website performance analytical tool that is free to use. The tool tests:

  • First Byte Time
  • Keep-alive Time
  • Keep-alive Enabled
  • Compress Transfer
  • Compress Images
  • Cache static content
  • Effective use of CDN


combines the power of PageSpeed Score and YPage Score into one interface and then gives you a detailed breakdown from each. The tools test includes among other items:

  • Scaled Images
  • Browser Caching
  • Minimized Redirects and JavaScript
  • Use of a CDN
  • Minified CSS
  • Image Optimization

Usually, these scores are nothing short of poor. BUT with AMP, we regularly score As across the board!

100 is almost impossible to attain, so I guess I’ll take the 99!

And my own, recently showcased website, is a top-performer demonstrating the incredible power that is AMP (see images below).

austintatious design webpagetest results w security
gtmetrix reports austintatiousdesign co

Interested in learning more about AMP and what we can do for your website needs?

Want to see what else we can do with AMP? Check out our most recent AMP-Story. It’s super cool!


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