WPRig and AMP plugin is a recipe for success!

Hi. I’m Daniel Bisett, owner of Austintatious Design and creator of AMP Like A Pro. Coming to you from Montreal Canada. Yesterday I did a blog in French and so today here it is in English. Essentially, I want to talk to you about a toolkit called WPRig. It is a WordPress theme development tool kit that is fantastic. It’s incredibly slick and once you’ve gone through the tutorials that they have provided online for free it is really quite easy to work with. If you’ve never done WordPress development, then you probably need a crash course. I recommend you look up Bootstrap to WordPress on Udemy. I’ll provide a link in the comments here to both WPRig’s online free tutorials and that Udemy course, but it’s it’s really beautiful. The thing about WPRig is that once you have finished exporting your WordPress theme, as long as you followed all of the best practices provided by the AMP Project, using amp elements and what have you, when you integrate it with your new WordPress dashboard and add the AMP plug-in by Automattic, your WordPress website is now natively 100% amp valid. Which means that when it was once loaded at you know 15 to 20 seconds, it now loads in two or three! And that’s #AMP4theWin right there. Once again, Daniel Bisett of Austintatious Design and AMPLike A Pro Once you take WPRig and start building with it, come back and let me know how it goes. Alright, take care. Bye


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