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Hi. I’m Daniel Bisett the owner of Austintatious Design and creator of AMP Like A Pro. Every business needs AMP. The AMP project was first launched by Google in October 2015 with several well-known publishers and technologies: Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn on board from its inception. AMP pages are incredibly fast because they are built on the same AMP framework consisting of only three components: AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript and AMP cache. This is where Google really comes into play because an AMPed page can only validate if it is built following Google’s rather strict no external Sheets policy and no JavaScript not built into AMP. Google knows that the page will be built using their own best practice policies and as a reward for building within the constraints of AMP, not only do those pages load very fast, Google even caches all indexed AMP valid pages and serves the cached version if discovered from a mobile searcher. This means Google serves the initial AMP page from their own server and so the load time is virtually instantaneous. Think by the time you’ve taken your finger off the link in the search page result it has pretty much already loaded. Google loves Google and if you want to be found, demonstrating your own love for Google is probably kind of a good idea. Need I say more?! This is Daniel from Austintatious Design and AMP Like A Pro. Thanks for listening


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