Social Marketing

Relationship Marketing that is: Real, Human, and Personal without the time-sap

Over the past several years, growing attention has been paid to local (and international) marketing through social networking – a.k.a network marketing.

What is more, it has become very apparent that the better your local population ‘knows’ you, the more they ‘trust’ you. So, building real genuine relationships with your local and outer-reaching community members is now a MUST for any successful local marketing campaign…

But, social marketing is a time-vortex and it is far too easy to initiate a status update on FaceBook only to discover that 2 hours have passed and you can’t remember what in the world you were wanting to post about when you started.

Austintatious Design Co. uses the latest marketing management tools available to help manage updates, posts and scheduling, and the analysis of specific marketing campaigns so that we do not fall prey to the time-sap of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Foursquare, et al.

With a focussed and strict social campaign that is both current, relevant yet maintains the human touch, we can provide you with a personalized approach to accumulating, converting and keeping clients interested and interactive with your business and all that it entails.
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